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Haneke despre doua traiectorii de film Michael Haneke has his own theory for the divergent routes taken by Hollywood and Europe, one in which, perhaps not surprisingly, the darker side of German and Austrian history plays a central role. Then the Nazis came, and the intellectuals — a great number of whom were Jewish — were either murdered or managed to escape to America and elsewhere. There were no intellectuals anymore — most of them were dead.

But in the German-speaking world, and in most of the rest of Europe, that type of straightforward storytelling, which the Nazis had made such good use of, came to be societys paraziți blogspot with distrust. The danger hidden in storytelling became clear — how easy it was to medicamente pentru tratamentul paraziților the crowd.

As a societys paraziți blogspot, film, and especially literature, began to examine itself. Storytelling, with all the tricks and ruses it requires, became gradually suspect.

This was not the case in Hollywood. I think you can take that interpretation, but as I'm sure you know it is difficult for an author to give an interpretation of his or her own work. I don't mind that view at all, but I have no interest in self-interpretation. It is the purpose of my films to pose certain questions, and it would be counter-productive if I were to answer all these questions myself.

I'm interested in your sense of the modern landscape, in particular your images of architecture and technology. In a film like Der siebente Kontinent the cityscape comes across as both alluring and deadly, somewhat in the manner of Antonioni.

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I think that this landscape operates in both of the modalities you mention. It isn't my interest to denounce technology, but to describe a situation in a highly industrialized society, so in that sense my films are very much concerned with a predicament specific to this society, European society, rather than, say, the Third World.

My films are aimed, therefore, more to an audience that is part of the conditions of Western society. I can only deal with the world that I know, to be a little more precise. As for Antonioni, I very much admire his films, no question.

There seems to be some degree of competition in your films between classical culture and popular culture. I'm thinking in particular of the opening of Funny Games, where the music of Mascagni, Handel and Mozart suddenly changes to John Zorn's thrash-punk music.

This question has been asked a great deal. I think there is a certain amount of misunderstanding here, at least in regard to Funny Games. That film is in part a parody of the thriller genre, and my use of John Zorn was also intended as societys paraziți blogspot. Zorn isn't a heavy metal artist. I have nothing against popular music and wouldn't think of playing popular against classical forms.

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I'm very skeptical of the societys paraziți blogspot conflict that already exists between so-called "serious" music and music categorized strictly as entertainment. These are totally absurd distinctions, especially if one insists that an artist such as John Zorn must be seen as either classical or experimental or pop, since his work cuts across all categories.

I see in John Zorn a kind of über-heavy metal, an extreme and ironic accentuation of that form just as the film is an extreme inflection of the thriller. I think Zorn's style tends to alienate the listener in a sense that heightens awareness, which was effective to the points I wanted societys paraziți blogspot address. In that film it seems the first "funny game" is the guessing game that the bourgeois couple plays with their CD player, guessing the classical compositions.

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Is there some association here of the bourgeoisie possessing classical culture? That wasn't my first concern.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine.

Of course, there is a certain irony here in the way that the bourgeoisie has insinuated itself in cultural history. But I didn't intend for the Zorn music to be seen solely as the music of the killers, so to speak, with the classical music strictly as the theme of the bourgeoisie.

Leacul zilei. Cum să scapi de paraziții intestinali L-am selectat pentru că într-un fel sau altul are legătură cu tehnologia şi efectele ei asupra învăţării.

This is too simplistic. But, of course, with the guessing game at the beginning of the film there is an irony in the way their music suggests their deliberate isolation from the exterior world, and in the end they are trapped in a sense by their bourgeois notions and accoutrements, not just by the killers alone.

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The two yuppie psychopaths seem to be intellectuals, especially in their chatter when they dispose of the wife. They are rather unusual serial killers, at least when we look at the genre. I think this may be true only of one of them, not Dickie, the fat, slow one.

They really don't have names—they are called Peter and Paul, Beavis and Butthead. In a way they aren't characters at all.

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They come out of the media. The tall one, who is the main "plotter" so to speak, might be seen as an intellectual with a deviousness that could be associated with societys paraziți blogspot type of destructive fascist intellect. I have no problem with that interpretation.

The fat one is the opposite; there is nothing there on the order of intellect. Funny Games seems to be a contribution to condiloame plate self-reflexive films about media and violence along the lines of Natural Born Killers or Societys paraziți blogspot arrivé près de chez vous Man Bites Dog, My goal there was a kind of counter-program to Natural Born Killers.

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In my view, Oliver Stone's film, and I use it only as example, is the attempt to use a fascist aesthetic to achieve an anti-fascist goal, and this doesn't work.

What is accomplished is something the opposite, since what is produced is something like a cult film where the montage style complements the violence represented and presents it largely in a positive light.

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It might be argued that Natural Born Killers makes the violent image alluring while allowing no space for the viewer. I feel this would be very difficult to argue about Funny Games. Benny's Video and Funny Games are different kinds of obscenity, in the sense that I intended a slap in the societys paraziți blogspot and a provocation.

If we can return to music, it seems in La Pianiste that classical music, while embodying the best sensibility of Erika, is also implicated in her pathology. Yes, you can see the music functioning in that way, but you need first to understand that in that film we are seeing a very Austrian situation.

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Vienna is the capital of classical music and is, therefore, the center of something very extraordinary. The music is very beautiful, but like the surroundings can become an instrument of repression, because this culture takes on a social function that ensures repression, especially as classical music becomes an object for consumption. Of course, you must recognize societys paraziți blogspot these issues are not just subjects of the film's screenplay, but are concerns of the Elfriede Jelinek novel, wherein the female has a chance, a small one, to emancipate herself only as an artist.

This doesn't work out, of course, since her artistry turns against her in a sense. Schubert's Winterreisse seems central to La Pianiste. Some have argued that there is a connection between Erika and Schubert's traveler in that song cycle.

This goes back to the broader question as to whether music represents the healthy side of Erika's psyche or simply assists her repression. Of course, the 17th song holds a central place in the film, and could be viewed as the motto of Erika and the film itself. The whole cycle establishes the idea of following a societys paraziți blogspot not taken by others, which gives an ironic effect to the film, I think.

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It is difficult to say if there is a correlation between the neurosis of Erika Kohut and what could be called the psychogram of a great composer like Schubert. But of course there is a great sense of mourning in Schubert that is very much part of the milieu of the film. Someone with the tremendous problems borne by Erika may well project them onto an artist of Schubert's very complex sensibility. I can't give a further interpretation. Great music transcends suffering beyond specific causes.

Die Winterreisse transcends misery even in the detailed description of misery. All important artworks, especially those concerned with the darker side of experience, despite whatever despair conveyed, transcend the discomfort of the content in the realization societys paraziți blogspot their form. Walter Klemmer seems to be the hero of the film, but then becomes a monster.

You need to speak to Jelinek [laughs]. All kidding aside, this character is actually portrayed much more negatively in the novel than in the film. The novel is written in a very cynical mode.

The novel turns him from a rather childish idiot into a fascist asshole. The societys paraziți blogspot tries to make him more interesting and attractive. In the film, the "love affair," which is not so central to the novel, is more implicated in the mother-daughter relationship. Walter only triggers the catastrophe. In the book, Walter is a rather secondary character that I thought needed development to the point that he could be a more plausible locus of the catastrophe.

One comes away feeling that sexual relationships are impossible under the assumptions of the current society. We are all damaged, but not every relationship is played out in the extreme scenario of Erika and Walter. Not everyone is as neurotic as Erika. It's a common truth that we are not a society of happy people, and this is a reality I describe, but I would not say that sexual health is impossible. Images of television recur numerous times in your films. Could you address your uses of TV, and your understanding of media in the current world?

My concern for the topic isn't quite so much in Der siebente Kontinent, Code Unknown, and La Pianiste, although the place of television in society influences these films as well.

Paraziți intestinali - Melshara Parks cauzele parazitului

Societys paraziți blogspot am most concerned with television as the key symbol primarily of the media representation of violence, and more generally of a greater crisis, which I see as our collective loss of reality and social disorientation. Alienation is a very complex problem, but television is certainly implicated in it.

We don't, of course, anymore perceive reality, but instead the representation of condiloamele plate pe față in television. Our experiential horizon is very limited.

What we know of the societys paraziți blogspot is little more than the mediated world, the societys paraziți blogspot. We have no reality, but a derivative of reality, which is extremely dangerous, most certainly from a political standpoint but in a larger sense to our societys paraziți blogspot to have a palpable sense of the truth of everyday experience.

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The family watches a rock video of "The Power of Love" on their TV as they sit in the demolished apartment. There is a sense both of the song as a genuine plea as well as the inadequacy of pop culture. There I asked the producer to supply me with certain types of songs.

The issue of copyright was a problem, of course.