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Indian Languages Programme As part of Oxford Global Languages, we run a specific programme investing in people and expertise to create lexical resources for major Indian languages.

Există cinci specii de Rhinoceroses- Ceratotherium simum, Diceros bicornis, Unicornis rinoceri, sondaicos R. Prin cele mai multe capete de acuzare, există mai mult de Date pe scurt: Rinocerii Denumire științifică: Cinci specii sunt simum Ceratotherium, Diceros bicornis, Unicornis rinoceri, sondaicos R. Singurele alte perissodactyls astăzi pe pământ sunt caizebre și măgari toate aparținând genului Equusși ciudat, mamiferele de porc cum ar fi cunoscut sub numele de tapirii. Având în vedere cât de mari sunt, rinoceri au neobișnuit de mici creierul-nu mai mult de o liră și jumătate din cele mai mari indivizi, și aproximativ de cinci ori mai mici decât un elefant comparabil ca mărime cu.

Community stories Through the Oxford Global Language programme we have seen many stories unfold as innovative developers and educators have engaged local language communities through everything from translation events to developing chatbots.

The app enables users to look up sexual health terms and topics, with definitions and explanations given in sign language through video content. It was developed by Hudson Asiema, the co-founder and chief executive of educational start-up Deaf eLimu, who noticed a lack of sexual health resources for young people in Kenya who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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The Sex eLimu app equips Kenyan Sign Language signers with access to important information in their language, serving a community that was not catered for by existing tenă în corpul uman resources. It uses Oxford Dictionaries API data to allow users to discover definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and example sentences of words, also offering speedy translations into Spanish, Romanian, or Malay.

Mod de viață[ modificare modificare sursă ] Rinocerul negru este răspândit în zonele centrale și de Sud ale Africii în savanele din parcurile naționale. Acesta se hrănește cu arbuști față de vărul său, Rinocerul alb, care mănâncă doar iarbă. Rinocerul negru nu are dușmani naturali în afară de om, fiind atacat și de lei și de hiene. Este al treilea cel mai mare animal terestru după Rinocerul alb și Elefantul african.

To his surprise, it was quickly picked up by many people in Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines who started using the app to learn English.

Sagar realised that part of the population in those regions has limited access to smartphones but rinocer în engleză access to Facebook messenger, which works well on feature phones. As WITMO is a Facebook Messenger app, it was the perfect tool to fulfil this need, and its creator tapped into a market niche he had never imagined.

Warona shared how she realized the value of preserving her native language through her work as our Setswana Language Manager, working with the community to record and recognize its cultural identity and ignite conversations with Setswana speakers from all generations to create a shared Setswana language legacy and accessible resources.

Her story prompted questions and discussion from the participants, helping the young people of Tatarstan to understand how embracing their own language and culture, Tartar, could empower them too. How they were spoken and how we speak them now.

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Anyone coming after our generation can trace themselves to where their language came from and where it is at the time of their life. She first opened her home to Northern Sotho speakers rinocer în engleză and has since run many events inviting the community in to discuss and share their language knowledge.

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Passionate about preserving Northern Sotho lexical resources as a legacy for future generations, Matlakala works with her local community in Limpopo, South Africa, to record and translate Northern Sotho content, with a particular focus on documenting its many dialects and variants. I say so because there is this stone that we mine, the quartz.

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This type of knowledge can fade away with time if we do not record it somewhere. I thank you for the opportunity you gave me of being part of this event.

The students took part in a content crowd-sourcing session, suggesting new additions to the rinocer în engleză and supplying their own examples sentences.