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He began his activity as laboratory assistant at the Department of Bacteriology, the head of which was Victor Babes. In Paris he was laboratory assistant at the Department of Immunology. He continued his studies paraziți sub piele immunity with Ehrlich in Germany.

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On his return to France, Levaditi was admitted  to the «Pasteur Institute» by Metchnicoff, who guided him in his experiments in the field of phagocytosis. Levaditi had significant contributions in virology, syphiligraphy  and chemotherapy. In he  demonstrated, in cooperation with Karl Landsteiner, the presence of the poliovirus in other tissues than in the nervous one, namely in the nasopharyngeal secretions, in the salivary glands and in the intestinal lymph nodes.

InLevaditi isolated the poliovirus on a tissue explant, defined human papillomavirus molecular model histopathology of the experimental disease and demonstrated the ultrafiltrability of the poliovirus. Already in he tried to apply  the chemoprophylaxis of the disease by intranasal route, a problem of actuality for the rhinoviruses. AfterLevaditi, assisted by Nicolau, elaborated at the Department of Bacteriology of the Faculty of Medicine in Cluj projects related to the study of other viruses: herpesviruses, vaccine virus and rabies virus group.

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  The investigations performed from rabies outlined an important chapter of the virological research on: the neurotropic ectodermoses. Levaditi introduced the term «neuroprobasia», which defines the progression of viruses along the nerve tracts.

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Levaditi in cooperation with P. Lepine coordonated two of the first treatises of virology: «Les ultravirus des maladies humaines» «Ultraviruses of human diseases» and «Les ultravirus des maladies animales» «Ultraviruses of animal diseases» Levaditi had remarkable disciples in France Pierre Lepine, M.

Nicolau, N. Constantinescu, N. Stamatin, etc.

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Stefan S. Nicolau - Stefan S.

Practic, prezența tipurilor HPV oncogene a fost demonstrată în aproape toate cazurile de cancer cervical. Pentru HPV68 există mai puține dovezi, motiv pentru care a fost considerat carcinogen 2A probabil carcinogen.

Nicolau obtained in the M. Doctor of Medicine degree at the Faculty of Medicine in Cluj, where he began this collaboration with Levaditi. Passionate, meticulous and precise his research diaries are a model in this respect. InLevaditi and Nicolau published a series of articles in which new properties of the viral agents are demonstrated: ultrafiltrability passage through the pores of a collodion membrane and the cell-mediated character of the antiviral immunity.

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In a broad prospective view of the pathogenesis of viral infections, Levaditi and Nicolau underlined, beside the viral cytocidal effect, the participation of the immune response of the host in the triggering of the symptomatology. Nicolau also pioneered the concept of viral oncolysis in studies where the neurovaccinal virus was innolculated into grafted tumours.

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Ann Inst Pasteur37, Medical Hypotheses44, Tumours are more susceptible to viruses than normal cells and tumours act as "a sponge attracting viral replication". This hypothesis was rediscovered by Sinkovics and Horwath in and human papillomavirus molecular model now in the centre of interest for many biotechnology companies who enlarge cancer virotherapy models". With a remarkable intuition Nicolau promoted the concept of the oncogenic potential of the viral nucleic acids.

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The school of professor Nicolau provided significant arguments for the involvement of viruses in the general pathology. The «Stefan S. Nicolau» Institute of Virology, which chronologically is one of human papillomavirus molecular model first institutions in this speciality in Euorpe, has celebrated in the 50th anniversary of its foundation.

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The Institute has ith origin in the nucleus of the Chair of Virology, which began its activity in in the framework of the Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest.

For the first time in the world, in the higher medical education, a separate discipline was devoted to the study of the ultrafiltrable infectious agenst. Afterwards, a team of inframicrobiology of the Academy was human papillomavirus molecular model, wich developed  into the actual Institute of Virology.

Many disciples of the school founded by prof.

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Nicolau distinguished themselves by significant contributions: Adelina Derevic respiratory viral infectionsElisabeta Nastac virus-cancer relationshipsElena Oprescu respirtory viral infectionsRadu Portocala biochemistry of the viral nucleic acidsDan Sarateanu ornithosesConstantin Surdan RickettsiaNicolae Cajal his succesor at the Institute and Chair of virology direction.

From to he was Director of the Stefan S.

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Nicolau Institute of Virology. Disciple  and collaborator of Professor Nicolau, N. Cajal published during his lifetime numerous reference studies regarding the persistent infections herpes, papillomatosis, measles ; the genetics of polioviruses and of other attenuated  strains used in the prophylaxis of some viral diseases; the virus cancer relationships, as will as the relationships between the viral infections and the pathology of pregnancy and of the product of conception.

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The scientific  contribution of Professor Cajal is recorded in more than papers published in Romania and abroad. Inunder the editorship of Professor N. Cajal appeared the first volume of a remarkable treatise of Medical Virology.