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The chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane in the study of tumor angiogenesis D. Ribatti The chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane CAM is commonly used as an experimental in vivo assay to study both angiogenesis and antiangiogenesis in response to tissues, cells or soluble factors.

This article summarizes literature data about the use of the CAM in the study of tumor angiogenesis and particularly our experimental data concerning the study of angiogenesis in multiple myeloma and in neuroblastoma. Immunohistochemical evaluation of the tumor neoangiogenesis as a gastric cancer on ct factor for gastric cancers Daniela Lazăr, Sorina Tăban, M. Raica, I. Sporea, Marioara Cornianu, A. Goldis, Corina Vernic Introduction. The angiogenesis, the process by which new blood vessels are formed, plays an essential role in the survival of the malignant cells, in the local expansion and tumor invasion, as well as in the appearance of distant metastases.

gastric cancer on ct

Material and methods. We evaluated the relation between MVD, the VEGF expression, the clinicopathologic factors enterobius vermicularis nematode the survival in patients with gastric cancer. A prospective study has been carried out, regarding the evolution and aggressiveness of the gastric cancer, with a duration of 5 years, 61 patients that underwent a surgery for gastric cancer being included in the study.

The immunohistochemical reactions for CD34 and VEGF were performed for all gastric cancers cases included in the study group. MVD has shown in the gastric carcinomas an average value significantly higher in comparison to the normal mucosa The angiogenesis in colorectal carcinomas with and without lymph node metastases Simona Gurzu, J. Jung, L. Azamfirei, T. Mezei, Anca Maria Cîmpean, Z.

Szentirmay Many clinical trials revealed that the anti-angiogenic treatment could improve prognosis in patients with metastatic colorectal carcinomas CRCwhen added to standard chemotherapy. In this paper, we tried to find out if the gastric cancer on ct density MVD determined with CD31, CD was correlated with lymph node status, and if the intensity of angiogenesis was different in right versus left colon segments.

Revista Romana de Anatomie The author operates with experiences and his solutions are triggered by beliefs. Statistici şi prognostic Semne şi simptome cancer gastric Există mai multe simptome asociate cancerului de gastric cancer on ct. Cu toate acestea, deoarece sunt comune și altor afecțiuni necanceroase, cancerul gastric poate fi dificil de recunoscut la început. Simptomele precoce ale cancerului la stomac pot include: senzație de sațietate instalată rapid; probleme la înghițire, cunoscute sub numele de disfagie; senzație de balonare după mese; indigestie și arsuri gastrice; dureri de stomac; vărsături, care pot conține sânge.

We studied CRC, with and without lymph node metastases, from left and 59 from right colon. In the right colon, the MVD was higher in the cases where the lymph nodes did not present metastases pN0 but also when four or more lymph nodes were involved pN2.

In the rectum and sigma, the angiogenesis presented the highest intensity in pN0 and pN1 stage lymph nodes with metastasesdecreasing in pN2 stage. In the descendent colon segment, the MVD did not present differences between the cases with and without lymph node metastases.

Our gastric cancer on ct reveals that the most indicated cases for antiangiogenic treatment seem to be the pN0 and pN1 cases in the rectum and sigma, respectively pN0 and pN2 cases in the right gastric cancer on ct. We tend to believe that the angiogenesis intensity in CRC is higher in early-stages of the tumoral proliferation but it is not an increasing process, having rather an oscillating character.

Therefore, the angiogenesis remains an independent prognostic and predictive factor and the antiangiogenic treatment is necessary to be individualized for each patient. Myocardial stunning. Morphological studies in acute experimental ischemia and intraoperatory myocardial biopsies D.

Laky, Liliana Parascan, V. Cândea Myocardial stunning represent a consequence of brief ischemia with papilomas psihozomaticele regional contractile dysfunction dependent persist from minute to days after reperfusion, despite the absence of irreversible damage and restoration of coronary blood flow.

The evolution of these new ischemic entity were described by experimental acute ischemia and repeated intraoperatory myocardial biopsies effectuated near patients with heart disease, excluding those with cardiac failure and atrial fibrillation.

Using histological histoenzymological and gastric cancer on ct ultrastructural methods, only reversible mitochondrial and sarcoplasmatic reticulum lesions, slight glycogen granules depletions and sporadical dissociation of myofilaments by edema were seen.

Tratamentul viermilor la adulți ca tratament mechanism for the state was suggested: generation of oxygen derived free radicals with consequent oxidative stress and impaired calcium homeostasis.

Rare morphological appearance on stunned myocardium was signaled in the references, our collective first made these studies in Romania.

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Most of them have been interpreted as epidermal proliferations secondary to the lymphoid infiltrate. We randomly selected 21 cases of KA from our archives and performed an immunohistochemical study for CD30 in all of them. In four cases, the inflammatory infiltrate could not be studied, since the lesions had been enucleated. From the other 17 cases, in Only one case was graded as 1, and interestingly, this case corresponded to a keratoacanthoma in regression.

We also wonder if the cases described as either lymphomas or lymphomatoid papulosis with keratoacanthomatous changes are nothing more but simple keratoacanthomas.

Ki, p53 and bcl-2 analysis in colonic versus rectal adenocarcinoma O.

PET/CT Gratuit prin decontare CNAS

Petrisor, Simona Eliza Giusca, Maria Sajin, Gioconda Dobrescu, Irina-Draga Caruntu This paper develops a comparative study between similar subtypes of colonic and rectal adenocarcinoma, based on their immunohistochemical profiles for Ki, p53 and bcl-2 markers, in order to evaluate the prediction value for the investigated markers, according to the histologic subtype and location.

Thirty cases of adenocarcinoma were investigated, 15 with colonic and 15 with rectal location. For both locations, the cases included five well-differentiated, five moderately differentiated and five low differentiated subtypes. The semiquantitative analysis of the immunohistochemical reactions was based on the Ki and p53 gastric cancer on ct, respectively, counted as number of positive cells from positive and negative cells.

The mean value of Ki index for colonic, respectively rectal adenocarcinoma was The positive reaction for bcl-2 was present in seven The use of the Wald tests permitted the assessment of the predictive power for the investigated markers according to the pathologic subtype and location.

The immunohistochemical evaluation of Ki, p53 gastric cancer on ct bcl-2 yields refined information on colorectal tumor biology.

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Our study confirms, from the statistic point of view, the role of p53, followed by Ki, as predictive factors. Prostate-specific antigen may serve as a pathological predictor in breast cancer Diana Narița, A. Anghel, Marilena Motoc PSA prostate-specific antigena serine protease with chymotrypsin-like activity is the most useful tumor marker for prostate cancer screening, diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring. The identification of PSA in normal gastric cancer on ct tumoral mammary gland was regarded as a curiosity, but the confirmation of PSA expression in gastric cancer on ct mammary gland by others teams of researchers and the identification of specific mRNA in tumors with PSA immunoexpression initiated new perspectives for studies.

The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of PSA in breast cancers and to evaluate the correlations between PSA expression and some clinicopathological markers. PSA expression was observed in Angiogenesis and tumor histologic type in primary breast cancer patients: an analysis of needle core biopsies S. Vameşu Angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels from a preexisting vascular bed, is a complex multistep process, which may also permit metastasis.

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To investigate how tumor angiogenesis correlates with tumor histologic type in breast carcinoma diagnosed on core biopsy, microvessels were counted and graded the density of microvessels within the initial invasive carcinomas of patients. Using light microscopy, the number of microvessels was counted manually in a subjectively selected hot spot in the most gastric cancer on ct areas of neovascularization per x fieldand their values were separated as above or below gastric cancer on ct low and highwithout knowledge of the outcome in the patient or any other pertinent variable.

When tumors were classified as high or low MVD, based on a cut-off value Assessment of tumor angiogenesis may therefore prove valuable in selecting patients with early breast carcinoma for aggressive therapy. Mărgăritescu, M. Surpățeanu, L. Stepan In spite of the progresses achieved in surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the survival rate in oral squamous cell carcinoma OSCC remain unchanged among past three decades, which made this neoplasia a major problem of health in the entire world.

Considering the differentiation grade, the cases were histopathologically classified as 9 cases of well-differentiated squamous carcinoma, 14 cases of moderately differentiated squamous carcinoma, and 19 cases condilom la anus poorly differentiated squamous carcinoma. The E-cadherine immunoexpression study indicated an immunostaining degree 3 in well-differentiated squamous carcinoma, 2 in moderately differentiated squamous carcinoma, and 1 in poorly differentiated squamous carcinoma.

The results of CD44 immunostaining indicated in most of the cases an immunostaining degree 2, especially in moderately differentiated OSCC.

Immunostaining degree 1 corresponded to poorly differentiated OSCC. The results indicate the possibility of using the two-immunohistochemical markers as prognostic factors in OSCC. Considerations on the ultrastructural particularities of the dental pulp cells H. Manolea, V. Deva, Fl.

Casa Naţională de Asigurări de Sănătate

Caraivan We realized an ultrastructural study of the cells of the dental pulp, having in view their particularities relative to other types of conjunctive tissue. For this purpose, we selected five cases represented by teeth without subjective or objective symptomatology. Within the paper there are exposed the morphological aspects observed by means of electron microscopy. The results are then discussed in relation with a series of observations made by other researchers regarding the particularities of the pulp cells structures.

Histopathologic and immunohistochemical aspects of the renal parenchyma in patients with glomerulonephritis developed in locked-up spaces D. Mălăescu, M.

gastric cancer on ct

Motocu, Letitia Adela Maria Streba, Adriana Bold A number of 38 renal biopsies and 13 necroptic pieces removed from 51 prisoners were available for our study. From 51 cases, 21 patients were diagnosed with actual chronic glomerulonephritis, 19 patients with non-specific chronic glomerulonephritis, four patients with renal amyloidosis, and seven patients with glomerulonephritis lesions associated to pielonephritis.

Immunohistological correlation in different stages of squamous cell carcinoma Maria Bălăşoiu, Adriana Turculeanu, Cl.

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Mărgăritescu, Carmen Silvia Avrămescu, A. Bălăşoiu Squamous cell carcinoma is one of the most frequent cutaneous carcinomas, this neoplasic process inducing cellular and umoral immune response modifications. The discovered results were different, depending on the differentiation form.

gastric cancer on ct

The cellular immune response presented important modifications only in poor differentiated form of the disease. The palmaris longus muscle: its anatomic variations and functional morphology Mangala M. Pai, Latha V. Prabhu, S. Nayak, S.

Ascunde slider Cele mai importante interventii chirurgicale efectuate in Spitalul OncoFort, IULIE In luna iulie medicii chirurgi din cadrul Spitalului OncoFort au reusit sa efectueze o serie de operatii in cadrul chirurgiei oncologice pentru: cancer de colon, cancer la san, cancer de rect, cancer gastric, cancer de prostata, cancer renal, etc Data publicare:

Madhyastha, Rajanigandha Vadgaonkar, A. Krishnamurthy, A. Kumar The functional morphology and evolution gastric cancer on ct the superficial forearm flexor, the palmaris longus, have long fascinated kinesiologists, physical anthropologists and anatomists alike.

The anomalies, agenesis, variations and polymorphic presentation of the muscle, coupled with its biomechanical role in the performance of flexion and supination through distal articulations in the upper limb, have formed the base for many studies found in medical literature.

We present data from published sources, along with our observations on the kinetics of palmaris longus, drawn from a series of dissections done on 30 cadavers. Complete agenesis was seen in four limbs. Reversal in the muscle-tendon orientation was seen in two limbs and duplication in one limb. The functional dynamics of the muscle and the clinical implication of its modifications in humans are discussed.

We believe that every surgeon must be aware of the variations, since this, otherwise unimportant muscle, provides a very useful graft in tendon surgery.

Gastric cancer with ascites

Corresponding author: Mangala M. Pai, MD, e-mail: drmmpai gmail. Raica, T. Nicola A rare case of amelanotic vulvar melanoma is presented. The patient was a year-old woman complaining of vulvar itching and yellowish vaginal discharge who underwent a complete gynecological evaluation during which a suspicious grey-whitish mass on her vulva was observed.

gastric cancer on ct

The tumor presented superficial ulceration and was located in the upper half of the labia minora and clitoris. Initially it was suspected to be a vulvar carcinoma.

A biopsy was taken and a histopathological suspicion of amelanotic melanoma was rendered. The mass was radically excised and the diagnosis was confirmed using HMB, Melan-A and anti-S protein antibodies.

Malignant melanoma is readily diagnosed by cu viermi, un medicament presence of melanin granules. Although amelanotic melanoma contains a few melanin granules, it is often difficult to differentiate it from other non-epithelial malignant tumors.

Gastric cancer on ct. Eficient în enterobiaza

This report describes a case of amelanotic melanoma of the vulva, which was correctly diagnosed by gastric cancer on ct staining with the HMB, Melan-A antibody and for the S gastric cancer on ct. Burada, B. The diagnosis of merosin-deficient CMD is based on the clinical findings of severe congenital hypotonia, weakness, with high blood levels of creatine kinase, WM abnormalities, and dystrophy associated with negative immunostaining of biopsied muscle for merosin.

We investigated clinical and laboratory a patient: a girl with merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy type 1A. Clinically the particularity of the case is the association of merosin-negative congenital muscular dystrophy MN-CMD with congenital feet deformity. Immunohistochemistry show presence of dystrophin, lack of merosin, also the utrophin is normally expressed. Nerve conduction studies are normally, while electromyography suggested a myopathic process with early recruitment and decreased amplitude and duration of response.

Supratentorial MRI images showed hypotrophy of the corpus callosum and almost absent cingulate gyrus. In addition, hypophysis is reduced size. Corresponding author: Elena Buteică, PhD, e-mail: buteicaelena yahoo.

gastric cancer on ct

Multiple right schwannoma Rodica Trăistaru, Viorela Enăchescu, Daniela Manuc, Corina Gruia, Mirela Ghiluşi We report a case of multiple schwannoma in a year-old woman, with histopathological and ultrasound analyses, treated by surgical resection.

Our patient presented two masses of ulnar nerve and one mass of superficial fibular nerve, both in the right side of the body. All tumors were encapsulated and the microscopic aspects were represented through two tissue types, cellular tissue Antoni A with areas of nuclear palisading Verocay bodies and more myxoid, less cellular tissue Antoni B.

A careful clinical examination usually determines the level of involvement without identifying the exact pathology. The tumors were easy to remove without affecting the nerves. Surgical exploration is necessary both as a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.

Gastric cancer ct scan. REVIEW-URI

By presenting this case we wanted to emphasize that presence of schwannoma tumors in the peripheral nerves - ulnar and superficial fibular, and suggest a schwannomatosis case - a rare form of neurofibromatosis a genetic disorder growths of Schwann cells and other cells that support peripheral nervesthat has only recently been recognized. Corresponding author: Rodica Traistaru, PhD, e-mail: rodicatraistru hotmail.

Peutz-Jeghers syndrome: case report and literature review E. Florescu Periorificial lentiginosis, also knew as Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome PJSis an autosomally dominant inherited condition determined by a mutation localized at 19p Skin- and mucosal pigmentation may be present at birth but usually occur in early childhood, and occasionally may develop later.

Round, oval or irregular patches of brown or almost black pigmentation 1 to 5 mm diameter, irregularly distributed over the oral mucosa, gums, hard palate and lips especially the lower are observed.

gastric cancer on ct

The pigmented maculae on the face, encountered especially around the nose and mouth are smaller. Polyps may appear in the stomach, small bowel or colon, with hamartomatous aspects on histology. Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding and chronic fecal blood loss may appear gastric cancer on ct the course of disease. There is a higher risk of intestinal and extraintestinal cancers in those patients.

We present the case of an year-old young girl accusing since the age of 3 slight intermittent episodes of bloating and abdominal pain without a particular localization, as well as mild iron-deficiency anemia.