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In the improved circumstances resulting from the December 1989 Revolution in Romania, a Go Federation has been created in the Ministry of Sports and Youth. At the inaugural conference, held in March 1990 in Bucharest, the structure of the Federation was decided. Georghe Paun was elected as President and George Stihi as Secretary. The official address is: The Romanian Go Federation, Vasile Conta Street No. 16, 70139 Bucureşti, România

Under the new conditions, Romanian go players were able to participate in more international competitions. Our 1990 champion, Sorin Gherman 4-dan, took 18th place (4 points from 8 rounds) at the 12th WAGC in Hiroshima in May and 10th place (1 points in 10 rounds) at the 1990 European Go Championship in Vienna. The Romanian go team (Mihai Bisca 4-dan, Robert Mateescu 4-dan, Lucretiu Calota 4-dan, and Marcel Crasmaru 3- dan) took third place in the 1990 European Go Championship for National Teams held in Linz, Austria. As most of the active players are high school or college students, we can claim that the future is quite promising.

4 October 1990

By Georghe Paun & George Stihi


During the year we also organized the following internal tournaments:

Bucuresti (March, open, McMahon system, 6 rounds):
1st, Ion Florescu 3-dan;
2nd, Valentin Urziceanu 3-dan;
3rd, Sergiu Irimie 2-dan.

Bucuresti (June, qualifying for European Championship):
1st, Ion Florescu 3- dan;
2nd, Sorin Gherman 4-dan;
3rd, Mihai Bisca 4-dan.

Braila (July, open, McMahon system, 6 rounds; the top group counted as semifinal of the Romanian Cup 1990):
1st, Robert Mateescu 4-dan;
2nd, Mihai Bisca 4-dan; 3rd, Marcel Crasmaru 3-dan; 4th,
Lucretiu Calota 4-dan.

Craiova (September, open, McMahon system, 6 rounds; the top group counted as final of the Romania Cup 1990):
1st, Lucretiu Calota 4-dan;
2nd, Valentin Urziceanu 3-dan;
3rd, Sorin Gherman 4-dan.

Some other important tournaments are scheduled for the autumn: the semifinal and final of the national go championship (for dan players, of whom there are 16 at the moment, the highest rank being 4-dan), the team championship, the 'master' final tournament (the winner will challenge Mihai Bisca 4-dan, the holder of the Science and Technique Magazine Trophy for 1990).

Of course, as we have just started, our Go Federation has a lot of plans, but we are also faced with a lot of difficulties (organizational, but especially a shortage of money). Any help will be welcome.