A Compendium of Trick Plays
Autor: The Nihon Kiin
Editura: Yutopian Enterprises
Apărută: 1995
ISBN 0-9641847-1-0
190 de pagini (21,3x16,6cm)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Essential Knowledge of Trick Plays(Ishida Yoshio (5)
Chapter 2: The Larger Strategy of Trick Plays(Kageyame Toshiro (77)
Chapter 3: Introducing Trick Plays(Mihori Sho (119)
"Hamete"/"Trick Moves"(Fujii Reo (136)
Chapter 4: Caution! Trick Play Ahead!(Maeda Nobuaki (145)
Glossary and Index (197)

A Compendium of Trick Plays