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.Scientific Introduction to GoDictionary of Modern Fuseki: The Korean Style Perfectionnement au GoInvasion et reductionStyle of Lee ChanghoMaster Play, The Style of Go Seigenspeedbaduk1 speedbaduk2Korean Style of Baduk, vol. 1 Dictionary of Basic Tesuji Volume I: Tesuji for AttackingVital Points of Skillful Finesse for Sabaki Perceiving the Direction of PlayCatching Scent of Victory
.Ingenious Life and Death, Volume I Killer of GoFighting Ko Contemporary go terms_c200 Tesuji Problems200 Endgame Problems
Ingenious Life and Death, Volume IFighting KoContemporary go terms_c200 Tesuji Problems
Compendium of Trick PlaysKeshi and Uchikomi. Reduction and Invasion in GoKeshi and Uchikomi. Reduction and Invasion in GoCompendium of Trick PlaysCompendium of Trick Plays
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