Invincible. The Games of Shusaku
Autor: John Power
Editura: Kiseido
Apãrut: 1996
ISBN 4906574-01-7
420 de pagini (25,7x18,2cm)

Table of Contents

Preface (viii)
The Four Houses & Holders of the Office of Meijin Godokoro (ix)
Chronology (viii)
Statistic's of Shusaku's Career (ix)
Glossary (viii)

Part One
Chapter One: Go in the Edo Period (3)
Chapter Two: The Life of Shusaku (15)
Chapter Three: The Shusaku-Style Fuseki (28)
Chapter Four: Shusaku's Debut (33)
Chapter Five: The Encounter with Gennan Inseki (98)
Chapter Six: Heir to the Honinbo House (119)
Chapter Seven: Sanjubango with Ota Yuzo (219)
Chapter Eight: Unvanquished (305)

Part Two
Other Games (379)
Bibliographical Note (420)

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