Dictionary of Basic Tesuji (3): Tesuji for
the Opening, For Capturing Races
and for Life and Death (Part 1)

Autor: Fujisawa Shuko 9d
Traducător: Steven Bretherick
Editura: Slate & Shell
Apărut: 2007
ISBN 1-932001-25-5
246 de pagini (22,4x15,2cm)


Make a Position (1)
Drawing Near (22)
Enlarging (42)
Reducing (57)
Surrounding (73)
Invading (87)
Tesuji for Capturing Races
Extending Liberties (102)
Reducing Liberties (120)
One Eye vs No Eye (137)
Ko (151)
Tesuji for Life and Death Situations
Securing Eye Shape (171)
Gaining Enough Space to Live (193)
Using Shortage of Liberties to Live (216)

The Style of Go Seigen